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What is antique consist, for us of Antichità la Colonna Gallery, in the assertion of the irreducible value of beauty. Beauty is the universal language, which brightens the mind of anyone gazing at it in every historical age. In our place you will be able to have a safe purchase, according to your style, your taste and personality, choosing among the most meaningful expressions and art objects of every age, culture and civilization: from the Classic antique time to the Middle age, from the Renaissance to the Modern time, up to our days: paintings, sculptures, furniture, silverware, earthenware, archaeological objects, besides a wide range of art objects constantly found out and selected by our Antique Gallery, through our specialists in every branch. Advise, evaluations, restorations and personalized directions are always warranted to our clients ( along with an absolute privacy and earnest professional base), with the experience and eagerness, which have always characterize our work.

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Carlo Piacenza dipinto olio

( Torino 1814-1885)olio su telafirmato in basso a destra cm 35 x 45

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Tavolo in ferro battuto e dorato design stile G.Poillerat

Tavolo in ferro battuto e dorato, piano in vetro temprato con al centro decorato a foglia oro.Design stile Gilbert Poillerath cm 75.5Diam cm 130

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Coppia di Vasi in vetro trasparente con decorazioni a smalto

Coppia di vasi Francesi dell'inizio del XX secolo in vetro trasparente e smalto, Francia, primi anni del '900h cm 28

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Ferdinand Barbedienne Diana Scultura in bronzo

( Francia 1810-1892)"Diana"scultura in bronzo e base in marmo Francia XIX secoloh cm 12Ferdinand Barbedienne (6 August 1810[1] – 21 March 1892) was a French metalworker and manufacturer, who was wel [...]

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